Where Do You Stand?


Be A Maverick
One Spark
As a new mother I want to raise my son to love, respect and protect women. Thankfully my son not only has a strong independent mother but he also has an incredible father in his life to help show him how to be a true man and take care of and fight for all the women in his life. He has a father who not only treats his mother with respect but values her as an equal partner in their household. Trev and I are a team in raising our son and encouraging him to follow his dreams and treat everyone he meets, regardless of gender, age, colour or ethnic background that we are all part of one race. The human race.
Be a Maverick…not only for our daughters but for our sons.
"Maverick is a derivation of MAV: Men Against Violence. One Spark's MAVerick campaign is about men standing with the women and girls in their lives and lending their voices to ending violence against women.  It started with a passionate dad wanting to ensure a better world for the women and girls in his life.

A maverick is a person who thinks or acts in an independent way.  We need men to speak out against violence against women. Dads, brothers, partners, cousins, uncles, grandpas, co-workers, friends, sports teams: we need you to say it’s not ok.  We need you to be a MAVerick.

To get involved with the campaign as an individual, team, or group, visit the MAVerick website at beamaverick.org 

Get on your social media in a white hoodie #BeAMaverick in support of Men Against Violence against Women.

The 90 Day Fitness Challenge
StandPoint Photography

This year I decided to take on a 90 Day Fitness Challenge. I got to a point where my workouts were feeling very routine and very dull so I wanted to see what else my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario had to offer. I put the challenge out on my facebook to have those interested send me a message and we could set up a time and place so I could participate in their workout or activity. The response was incredible and in those 90 days I got to meet and workout with so many awesome individuals and groups. The conversations I had about fitness and health showed me what it means to different people and the love and support from all the friends and family of this project was truly the fuel that stoked the fire. There were days in the project when I wanted to give up because of being sore or tired and having to deal with the death of my dear Grandma at one point but as I would say on those days this is where the "challenge" lays in this project. It's easy to workout on days when you feel good, and have energy but it's the days when you don't feel your best; when you feel down that you need the workouts the most. 

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this phenomenal journey. I couldn't be more grateful to those in my life who made this possible. Much Love!! 


Shout out to Landslide
Landslide Skate Park

Landslide Skate Park
44621 Morley Dr
Charter Township of Clinton
Michigan 48036
United States

Goodwill Industries Time Lapse Video
The Naturalization Project

We are Canada's Oldest Goodwill and we are celebrating our 80th Anniversary next year. Since 1933 Goodwill Industries - Essex Kent Lambton has existed to create work opportunities, skills development and social integration for people facing disabilities and other barriers to employment based on a work platform that engages citizens in recycling. In so doing, we generate revenue to sustain the enterprise; it’s people and the mission delivery framework. Goodwill’s non-profit, social enterprise approach is sustainable and proven. Our Mission: To Improve Lives Through the Power of Work Our Vision: To Be the Recognized leader in Helping People Develop Work and Life Skills to Find Employment While sustainability is core to our business model, Naturalization and Community Gardening is not at first glance. A closer look reveals that one of our five strategic directives is to build capacity in the communities which we serve through collaboration and support. The naturalization of the grounds at our Wellington Street Head Offices was developed in a staged approach. Last year we fund-raised to complete an area that had been disturbed by road construction the previous year. The Goodwill Naturalization Gallery and Community Garden Phase Two completes our project, targetting three specific areas of work to develop. One: Is to enlarge the existing Naturalization Gallery to fit the natural borders of the property providing a much larger canvas (almost doubling) from which to cultivate and propogate native plants increasing the local genetic stock and attracting more wildlife. Two: Community Garden an area 2,784 SqFt (29 X 96 Ft) where vegetables are grown employing the Square Foot Gardening Organizations methodology, "That people can quickly grow food in one square meter without tools or help"(One square meter of food planted can equal one 20 foot row) Automated Irrigation of this area will ensure the vegetables consistently receive the needed watering. Three: Jammin' an area 2,160 SqFt (9 X 240 Ft) dedicated to "Native Edibles" growing native berries and other plants whose harvest will be used to hold canning and safe food handling classes for jams, jellies and sauces.