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Song of the Week

Say You Won't Let Go
Boyce Avenue

On October 7th 2017 I married my best friend Trevor Richard. Months leading up to the wedding we were trying to pick out the music for our big day. As many of you know I am a huge music lover but my taste is usually in old school music and artists like Van Morrison or Bob Dylan. I was picturing Trev and I dancing to Otis Redding -That's How Strong My love is, or Van Morrison Crazy Love soley because the music and lyrics were so very pretty and classic. One day Trevor text me while I was at work that he had found the song we would dance our first dance as Husband and Wife to. I was a little nervous....what if I didn't like it as much as he did. When I got home that night we put Ollie to bed and Trev asked me if I'd like to hear "our song"....I was excited to hear what he would play. As we stood in the kitchen listening to Boyce Avenue cover this James Arthur song I was in tears. Trev explained all the reasons why this song was perfect for us and I couldn't have agreed more. Plus the fact that Boyce Avenue, one of our absolute favourite artitsts, was doing a cover of the song. It's beautiful and perfect and every time I hear it I smile. Enjoy! Love the Richards. XOXO

In the Morning
The Trews

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE lyrics in songs....well drums and lyrics. This song doesn't have the drums but it most certainly has the lyrics for me. 

"We have to keep believing
It's gonna be ok
Cause if we don't we're lost
Maybe we're lost anyway
I want to lift you up
I want to make it great
I want to be the boat that carries you across the lake"

I actually chose this song because of my fiance Trevor. The Trews are one of his favourite bands and as I watch him taking care of our 6 month old son tonight I know that we will always do whatever we can to lift our family up, to make each other great and to be the parents that get our children where they need to be....and really to trust that the sun will always rise in the morning.

Thank you for being such an incredible father to Oliver....and to our puppy Tucker. You are stronger than you know. We love you so much!!


Drink You Away
Justine Timberlake & Chris Stapleton

"Don't they make a medicine for heartbreak?" This video is from the 2015 CMA awards....You have to love the true musicians who extend WAY out of their usual genre.....especially when it's got great lyrics and it's catchy as hell. Way to go JT!! Always look forward to what you're putting out. 






One of my beautiful friends Cass Di Brita introduced this song to me on our way to a Color Run in Detroit. I just think of sunshine, dancing and smiling...can't beat that. Enjoy!!!

Vance Joy
I thought it only fitting that because the Weekly Wud Up is a shout out to Dr. Lauren Brown that the song of the week goes out to her incredible husband Taylor who recently celebrated his 33rd birthday. I can always count on Taylor to have some cool new music waiting for me when Trevor and I go for a visit. A few years ago he introduced us to the Bahama's (if you haven't heard of them check out the song Lost in the Light) and last year he was the first person to introduce me to Vance Joy and a song called Rip Tide which has gotten more and more popular the past 6 months. 
Hope you all enjoy this great track and Happy Birthday again Taylor!!
No Diggity - Thrift Shop (Live Session)
Ed Sheeran feat. Passenger

Well Standpointers this will be the 2nd time that "No Diggity" is featured as a Song of the week but once you watch this video you will completely understand why. Ed Sheeran is phenomenal and with the company of the lead singer from Passenger the two knock this cover out of the park. Hope you enjoy and if you get the chance to google Ed Sheeran I think you will truly be impressed.


Flo Rida

I can't get enough of this song! IT'S GOING DOWN FOR REAL!!!....the shwanky gatsby-esque music makes me want to hit the dance floor and I don't even care who's out there. 


Hope you love it!! 


No Diggity (Live Session)
Chet Faker

If you know me then you know I love to rap. I'm not saying I'm good at it but something about trying to keep up with the clever lyrics of rap songs is a favourite pastime of mine. That being said I also love when artists take rap songs and turn them into acoustic gold. This song of the week goes to Chet Faker for his rendition of one of my ultimate favourite songs to rap to. No Diggity. Love it! Enjoy!!

In The Morning
The Trews

The Trews have rapidly become one of my favourite bands, and by far one of my top 3 to see live. 

Their songs have beautiful lyrics and the instrumental accompaniment makes this band perfect to listen to while driving with the windows down, or sitting around a bon fire with your best friends, or generally just providing a chill awesome soundtrack to life. Each time I've seen them live everyone in the crowd is dancing, singing and the overall energy level makes you feel truly happy.

I've recently got to meet the band at a intimate concert event and, although I probably made a fool of myself by telling them I was super proud of them, these guys couldn't be more genuine guys. These are the guys who were your best friends growing up, who would break out the guitars, or put on the good tunes and you'd sit for hours in your parents basement laughing and telling stories. True Canadians and it's easy to see.

I truly just wanted to say thank you to them.

Not that you'll (The Trews) ever read this post but you guys seem to be playing not only for yourselves but for every musician who's dreamed about being where you're at.
My dad was a musician and passed away before I could ever tell him how much I truly appreciated the creativity he couldn't hold back. The way he looked when he was preforming was like everything was right in the world as long as he was on stage...everything negative faded into the darkness and the spotlight shone on him like lighthouse calling you home. I'm proud because you all represent everything that is a musician. You play for the right reasons and I got to be part of that.
Music is such the most beautiful thing we have besides love in this world. Something that makes us dance, sing, lifts us up and all it takes is a push of a button, or a download of a song, or the purchase of a ticket…..or if we are lucky to be so talently inclined to create it ourselves. 
I will always be thankful to the MacDonald family for this concert experience. I will carry it with me always, and whenever I talk about meeting The Trews I will speak with love, and inspiration….and every so often remind myself that it did happen……"on a night like this"
Again, thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Ever so inspired, 
Kate - your friendly dog sitter


Hard Sun
Eddie Vedder-Into the Wild Soundtrack
Big Hard Sun- By Eddie Vedder
I chose this song because tomorrow is the birthday of someone very close to me. He is my world and I love him very much. He told me once that this song reminded him of me and when I listen to it I always feel loved and supported. This song was redone by Eddie Vedder for the Into the Wild soundtrack. Into the Wild is a story about a young hitch hiker, Chris McCandless, who travels to Alaska to live on his own in the wilderness. If you haven't read this book or seen this movie I strongly recommend that you do. It's an incredible journey and one which I think many of us take in our own ways throughout our lives. The struggle you sometimes feel with society and the need you have to be alone to find the truth within yourself. 
The songs for this soundtrack were recorded in 2007. Sean Penn, who was the director of this movie, gave Vedder a lot of freedom when it came to creating the material for the movie and Vedder said that after seeing the movie the songs almost wrote themselves. The stories were there and he said he just went into this weird space for a few weeks and he came out of it like a daze and the album was done. Eddie said that the biggest thing that came from Penn was this unspoken trust. I love to think of this when I hear this song; an unspoken trust. 
In the movie there is a pinnacle point when Chris McCandless realizes that happiness is meant to be shared. I am so grateful that I get to share my happiness with this incredible man every day. He is kind, loving, funny, thoughtful and one of the biggest supporters of Standpoint photography. This website would not be possible without him and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you Trevor Richard….this week's song goes out to you. I love you! Happy Birthday!!

Amazing!!! I think everyone has certain music they like to listen to while working out. For me, it truly depends on what physical activity I am doing. If it's high intensity cross fit based workout I love to hear rap, rock or a blend of the two such as Rage Against the Machine. If I am riding my skate/longboard I like to hear chill, laid back tracks especially on a nice sunny day. For running....well funny enough it's always been Aerosmith. Growing up I got pretty into running longer distances and music was always key to this adventure. I would throw on my headphones, put on Aerosmith (with an occasional song by Offspring mixed in there) and hit the pavement. Something about the beat, and the lyrics always made me feel motivated to get out there and go for it....and because they have some songs that are slow and then some that get pretty quick I could always have a great warmup, solid run and still find a track to cool down to. A big part of running for me is the therapy I get out of it. If I'm not singing along in my mind then I'm working out some other things that I need to sort out...and running always gave me the outlet and time to gain a different perspective on things. Clearly at standpoint we believe that everyone sees the world in a unique way but what we celebrate here is the opennesss to truly appreciate that we are all individuals.  To realize that sometimes we don't have the answers and acknowledge that it's okay to wonder what's the next step? Tonight was my first night running in quite some time and I ran a solid 3 miles. Thank you Steven for being with me on yet another run...Love Love

Collie Man
Slightly Stoopid

Collie Man by Slightly Stoopid is a classic song for sure. I think anyone who finds solace in music and/or other spiritual releases understands that there will always be bad times but there will always be good music, good friends, good times that will pick you up when you're feeling troubled. I know there are obvious other implications to this song but a great song will speak to people on different levels. I think this song is great because it's chill, relaxing and makes me smile....and you can't argue with that. Peace, Love and Always Music!!

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

I have to say that I am not usually a huge Fergie fan but this song had me dancing in Chicago and I loved every minute of it. Hope all you Standpointers had an amazing New Years and can't wait to take on 2014 with all of you. Stay tuned....it's gonna be a great year!!

Parlez Vous Francais
Art Vs Science

This week I thought I'd send something different your way. A good friend of mine showed me this video a few years ago and I loved everything about it. The beat, the feel and especially the video. ENJOY!!

Sister Golden Hair
This week's song is inspired by an article that I read on Facebook called "Ten Signs That Deceased Loved Ones Give To Let Us KnowThey Are Around." I loved this article because there are times when I'm sure that my father, brother and grandmother are checking in on me, leaving things in my path to make me feel confident that I am on the right path. Or maybe they are leaving these trinkets for me so that I will recall memories of the wonderful times that we shared while they were on this earth….either way I am blessed for these times when I find a feather in a strange place, or our songs play on the radio or when they come to me in my dreams because for a few moments in my day it's like they are right there with me and I get this warm comforting familiar feeling and I know that I've got some great people watching over me.
So, that being said here is the article for your enjoyment and the song that comes on the radio from time to time to let me know my brother Craig is never too far away. LOVE LOVE
Tiny Dancer
Elton John
I love music in movies. How many times have you been sitting in a movie and thought to yourself "Damn this has got to have a great soundtrack"? …no just me? haha
Regardless if you've ever thought that I know that when you hear certain songs like Jamiroquai 'Canned Heat' you think of Napolean Dynomite showing unreal support for the highschool presidency of Pedro, or Chuck Berry's 'You Never Can Tell' makes you picture Uma Thurman and John Travolta with the coolest dance moves in Pulp Fiction, but one of my ultimate favourites is when I hear the song Tiny Dancer and remember how magical the movie Almost Famous made me feel about music in general. When Sapphire says at the end of the movie "Can you believe these new girls. They don't even know what it is to be a fan. Y'know? To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts." Almost Famous.... a movie solely about loving music, and how it speaks to your soul. INCREDIBLE!!
So here it is the song of the week Tiny Dancer as from the movie Almost Famous…..
Also listed below is the full version of the song with lyrics for anyone who thought it was dedicated to the guy from Who's The Boss.
Peace, Love and Music
Michael Jackson

Of course Michael Jackson Thriller is going to be the song of the week. It wouldn't be Halloween without it. I posted the full video on here at the off chance you haven't seen the whole thing but there are some pretty cool facts you should know about this video. Thriller was released in 1983. This video was MTV's first world premiered video and voted most influential pop video of all time. The Guinness Book of World Records listed it at the "most successful music video" selling over nine million copies. Thriller is the most watched video to date; as it's been seen by more than 4 billion people all over the world. When you read all these facts it's not hard to believe as Michael Jackson's given us years of unforgettable music and dance moves and he is by far one of the most influential artists EVER!! Hope you all had a happy halloween!! HAHAHA

Revolving Doors
"Delivery of misinformation is just as valid as the delivery of information."

The Gorillaz are a cartoon band created in 1990 by Damon Albarn, originally the frontman of Blur, and Jamie Hewlett, an English comic book artist and designer.

Although this bands debut album came out in 2001 I didn't hear about them until I saw the video for Dare in 2005. Instantly this song went onto my mp3 player and my running stride changed to a slower chiller pace. I started to look for more of their work and found that the bands virtual universe could be explored through their website, music videos and short cartoons. The "members" of the Gorillaz are 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russell and their major influences are alternative rock, hip hop, electronic, dub and pop. Damon and Jamie  came up with the creation of the band when they were roommates watching MTV together and realized there was no substance on there so they created the Gorillaz to comment on that.
In an interview they talked about manufactured bands and how these boy bands and girl groups have little connection to the creativity of their music. As a statement to this Jamie and Damon created the ultimate manufactured band because "The Gorillaz" don't actually exist. 
Jamie and Damon are the two men most identified behind the Gorillaz but they state that there are actually numerous collaborators behind the scenes. Some of these well known contributing artists are D12, De La Soul, Dangermouse and MF Doom. 
Damon and Jamie are most proud of their work because they believe it gives the younger generation something cool to get into instead of all the rubbish that's out there.
Also check out the song Dare…where it all started for me
Peace XO
The Times They Are A-changin'
Bob Dylan
Last week I went to a conference with a couple good friends of mine. Unfortunately the speakers were not as inspirational as we had hoped they would be but I still try to take away the positives when I can. One of the speakers said, something that unconsciously I think we all know but don't pay enough attention to, that "Any change requires reflection".
This really stuck in my mind because I often think about how much my life has changed and some of those changes happened in the course of a year, a month, a week, a day……or even a moment. I feel like I've lived so many different versions of my life already, and where I stand today may shift in someway tomorrow. Every experience changes us. I think back to when I would travel for months at a time and every time I came home I was different in some way from when I had left. Every relationship I've ever had has taught me things about myself, about who I am and what I'm looking for. They say  "in life there are people who will build you up and people who will tear you down and in the end you'll thank them both." I love this thought because if no one ever challenged us then we would never know our true potential, if life never threw curveballs our way then we might lose sight of the value each life has. If nothing around us ever changed then life would be so boring and we might never learn those all important lessons. So what we can do with these experiences we have in life is reflect and grow and keep an open mind. I chose "The Times They Are A-changing" by Bob Dylan because of the lyrics. I feel like I'm at a stage in my life when I am doing a lot of reflecting and it is in part because I've had some major changes this year, but also as I get older there are things that I want for my future self that I didn't want when I was younger. That being said this future that awaits me does not want to give up the ways of the past. I look back on some of the adventures I've had and am blown away by the strength it took for me to leave home at a young age and start traveling on my own. I understand now why people thought I was so brave ( more likely crazy) for doing that and I think now how scared my parents must have been at times, but also I look back and appreciate that I wouldn't be who I am and where I am today had those things never taken place. So in many ways this song is paraphrase on life...."get out of the new road if you can't lend a hand"....it doesn't mean we don't appreciate what got us to where we are....it just means that things will continue to change and to be successful you have to open your eyes, adapt, learn and grow. Also, and I think this is key, sometimes you can't fully understand your experience until you're looking back at it. Anyway...hope you enjoy the song. Bob Dylan...what a smart guy!! 
Love Love, Kate
John Butler Trio

I first heard John Butler in 2004 when I was living/working in a hostel in San Francisco. One of the things I loved most about traveling and meeting people from all over the world was that everyone who came through the hostel usually had a hat full of music with them. There was a computer, intended solely to take customer information, that the staff and guests would upload music to. Any given day or night there would be a random playlist of artists filtering through this home away from home. John Butler was one of my first finds and I still jones on his music today. If you haven't heard of him take the time to check him out and if you have heard about him then I am sure this is one of your favourites as well. Enjoy!! 

Call Me Al
Paul Simon

I chose this song because for as long as I can remember it's been one of my favourites. I listen to it and the words always take me away. I imagine this man who has lived so many lives, walked down different streets, questions himself and his surroundings and in the end still finds comfort in knowing he is not alone. I find myself thinking about the many lives I've lived, places I've been to, friends, family and lovers that have come and gone, mistakes I've made, things I've attempted, aspired to, succeeded in and through it all I know that there are some relationships that will stand the test of time and people who will know me for better or worse; the true bodyguards and pals. In preparation for this first post I found the lyrics online, although I've known them by heart for some 20 years, and with one website there was a review written on the meaning. I like to think that when you love a song it doesn't matter what it means to anyone else or even to the person who wrote it, it really only truly matters how it speaks to you, and that's the same for any form of art…how it affects you, how it makes you feel….
Anyway something that truly made me smile was that in an interview with Paul Simon he was asked "so where did 'Al' and 'Betty' come from?" Paul said it stems from a party in the 70's that Simon hosted with his wife at the time Peggy Harper. Simon's friend, Stanley Silverman, brought along another composer named Pierre Boulez, and when he made his exit, Boulez called Simon "Al" and his wife "Betty". Boulez was French and he wasn't trying to be rude it was just his interpretation of what he heard. - Paul = Al and Peggy =Betty

I love the thought of Paul and Peggy being in public places and referring to each other in these codenames. How often do we create nicknames for friends and even at times forget how to formally introduce them to others. I hope you enjoy the first post and look forward to hearing some old favourites and possibly some new finds. 

Peace, Love and Music