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Weekly Wud Ups

CCI Studios
This shout out goes to CCI Studios. I can't say enough about this amazing company. They have not only built this beautiful website that you're looking at but in doing so they took all of the creative ideas I had for this site and brought them to life. They built me a website that not only represents my style and who I am as a photographer but they built a home for my work that I am truly proud of.
Also, as some of you know, every year I have a photography exhibit in my hometown of Sarnia Ontario. This year CCI Studios opened their doors to Standpoint Photography and housed my 5th Annual Exhibit which was dedicated to Genetic Photography inspired by the work of Ulric Collette. If you are looking for a creative company to help you build your website CCI is the company for you. I guarantee you will not only love their staff but also their attention to every detail of what you're looking for in a website. Check them out online at www.ccistudios.com 
Thanks again CCI Studios for everything you've done for Standpoint Photography. We LOVE you!!
The Juicy Banana

The Juicy Banana is Sarnia’s solution for fresh juices and juice cleanses. 

From flavours such as Sunshine in a Jar, and Vampire Juice to the Weekend Kit and Caboodle there are so many incredible choices that make living better and living healthier convenient for you. Order juices online and wake up to your favourite juices right on your doorstep or ready for pick up. The benefits of juicing have been well known for many years now and drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables is a smart and healthy choice! In today's busy world your time is precious and making those health concise decisions can be time consuming and difficult. This is where The Juicy Banana comes to the rescue! You won’t find any artificial sugars or sweeteners in their juices and they never use added preservatives or chemicals – no additives at all! Their juices are bottled in environmentally friendly glass jars and packaged and delivered in a dependable fashion! 

 Head over to their website at www.thejuicybanana.com to check out their blog that includes tips and solutions to living a healthier lifestyle.


Landslide Skate Park

Landslide is a Skate park located in Clinton township, Michigan. This family owned indoor park is home to amateurs and professionals who all have one goal in mind when they come through the door: to sacrifice who they are for who they will become. Falling down is inevitable here but getting back up and on your board is your choice. 

I am lucky enough to have had a friend introduce me to Landslide years ago and ever since then when I need to get away and get some ME time I head to this indoor park. On this last occasion I was lucky enough to film some of the skateboarders who call this park home. I hope you enjoy the short video I made located on the clients page and I also hope you get the chance to visit Landslide in person. Please visit their website for hours, prices and products and join me in supporting this amazing business. 
Thanks Landslide Crew!! 

The leader in Human Performance Measurement Solutions.

I recently got to work with the company Noraxon. (Head to the clients page to see the video we built). "Noraxon U.S.A. Inc. has been a leader in manufacturing and distributing high-end measurement and training devices, such as EMG, gait analysis, biofeedback and 2D/3D motion analysis, that enables a unique approach to a fully equipped analysis and therapy concept for clinical and research applications. Our technology is used by professionals monitoring the performance of athletes, researchers and clinicians specializing in muscle injury and rehabilitation, and for the study of ergonomics in the workplace and product design. By providing cutting edge technology, software and customer service, Noraxon continues to make a world of difference."


Russell Brand I'm Listening

Russell Brand has sparked the attention of a lot of people in recent months with his interview on BBC newsnight called "Russell Exposes the Truth". It's very entertaining because you can tell the interviewer is trying to make a joke out of Brand only to quickly realize the depth of Brands intellect and how motivated and well spoken this "actor" really is.

I believe it's hard for people to initially take Russell seriously because there was a point in time when his image was identifiable with a loud, obnoxious, ranting and raving comedian with severe drug problems. Luckily for us Brand realized that his mentality and personal views on life are so spot on that pointing them out to us make us laugh at the ideals our society has accepted.
Also in the beginning of this interview you can tell that the man interviewing Brand is not quite listening to his answers but busy cutting him off and already spitting out his next question. This is extremely frustrating but Brand handles it in such a matter, not to be rude, but to politely answers his questions from his perspective and let the ignorance of this man speak for itself.
The amazing part of this dialogue is that interviewer Jeremy begins to say less, and listen more as Brand ensures him he doesn't have to listen, he doesn't have to take him seriously as he is just pointing out that we have nothing genuine to vote for so really the point of voting is in itself trivial. The conversation continues as Brand talks about how this subject is important to him because he comes from the underclass not being represented by the current political system, he sees these struggles on the daily, and instead of leaders taking responsibilities for these issues their exploiting them.The interview finishes off with Brand defending his standpoint asking "why is that naive, why is that not my right because I'm an "actor". I've taken that right. I don't need the right from you. I don't need the right from anybody. I'm taking it." 
I've attached the link here for anyone who wants to be witness to this incredible statement.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHDcOBgWZqc
Also, I am attaching a link to Russell Brand's current standup comedy which is called 'The Messiah Complex' where Russell takes us on a journey through his heroes and why he has chosen these iconic figures to identify himself with. I'd love to tell you more about this show but in all honesty the only way you'll truly appreciate how intelligent, and motivating and hilarious it is really would be to sit down for an hour and a half and watch it.